Q: Is 360 streaming suitable for various types of devices?
A: Any device that supports video streaming will support the 360 stream.

Q: Who is able to view an event?
A: Anyone with an internet connection.

Q: Will the streaming adapt to bigger and smaller screen sizes?
A: Yes, the video is adapted to your screen size, but the quality of the video depends on the speed of your connection. We recommend 2Mbps or higher.

Q: What internet browser will I need to use to access 360 streaming?
A: StreamIt360 is compatible with Internet Explorer 10 or later, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox Version 2 or later and your smart phone's default browser.

Q: Do I need any third party software to use StreamIt360?
A: Depending on your device, you may need to install VLC player or a similar streaming video player.

Q: What is the quality of the live broadcast streaming transmission?
A: All our footage is filmed in High Definition. However, the video will be adapted for your device and may be limited by your connection speed.

Q: What will the quality of the picture be that I view on my screen?
A: Picture quality is determined by your connection speed.

Q: Will I experience buffering when viewing live content or Video on Demand?
A: Buffering occurs when the video loads slower than it plays, so if you have a slow connection, the video would have to load in advance before playing a section. In those cases, the video will buffer.
This is to eliminate a jagged video experience.

Q: What amount of data is used for viewing the streaming?
A: Streaming allows you to watch a section of a video without downloading the entire clip and thus only use a fraction of the data compared to downloading an entire video.
Streaming does however use more data than regular internet browsing, so we encourage the use of WIFI hotspots and uncapped data packages.

Q: If I miss a live stream, can I watch it later?
A: Yes. All events are stored for a period of time and are available to be viewed at a time suitable to you.

Q: How long does StreamIt360 store an event as a VOD?
A: The period of availability is dependent upon its popularity but in most cases we will keep an event for 12 months.

Q: Will 360 be ‘blacking out’ certain geographical areas during live streaming of events?
A: Yes. From time to time we are obliged to meet content providers’ broadcast conditions.

Q: Will 360 be using passwords to access certain content?
A: Yes. From time to time we may host private events.

Q: What personal data does 360 capture when I use the streaming?
A: None.

Q: Why is there advertising during live streaming and on the VOD?
A: StreamIt360 operates on the same commercial principles as other broadcasters but we also strive to provide many of our events at little to no cost to our viewers.

Q: Are 360 events streamed in multi languages?
A: When requested by event organizers we endeavor to broadcast selected events in multiple languages.

Q: How will I make payments?
A: Once you’ve selected a paid-for video, you’ll be redirected to a payment gateway. After the payment has been made you’ll be redirected back to StreamIt360 and your video will start playing.

Q: Will 360 broadcast events that are played under floodlights or indoors?
A: Definitely! Our cameras are able to record in low light, full HD and can broadcast at the requirements 4.2.2

Troubleshoot your browser:
Clear browser cache
Restart your browser
Try another browser
If you are having extension or plug-in issues, try reinstalling.
If you're unable to play your movie or TV show in multiple browsers, you may need to install the Adobe Flash Player Plugin for your browser.